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According to Gartner “Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities”  it stats with the acquisition of digital skills. 

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The Directory was originally created as a product of the ‘Island wide CSO Directory’ project that was implemented by the Management Centre and Intercollege Limassol Campus. Directory can be accessed from

Cyprus Civil Society Directory

Needs based research for companies and public organisations including Business Development and Customer Satisfaction

Research Activities

The report for the ‘Turkish Cypriot Economy in the United Cyprus’ was presented to the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce. This has been a research that MCMED conducted in 2016.

Report Presentation

As part of the Cypriot Civil Society Mapping and Capacity Building Project, MCMED and NGO-Support Centre organized a 'Fundraising and Networking Workshop'.


University of the West of Scotland was here! Representatives, Dr John Connolly and Anne Gifford from UWS also gave information about the university, programmes and their strategies.

Academic Visit


We can arrange synchronous and asynchronous language courses based on your needs.

You can attend courses from anywhere and anytime.

Online Language Courses

We have successfully completed Written Communication Techniques, Effective Communication and Body Language training, 2 courses facilitated by Nilufer Turksoy.

Training Courses

Strategic Planning Workshop for Yüksel Akay Ltd.​ On 21st of February, 2016, The Management Centre conducted a 2016-2019 Strategic Planning Workshop for Yüksel Akay Ltd. at the Arkın Colony Hotel.


'How Ethnicity and National Identity would affect the solution of the Cyprus problem", The Management Centre, New Cyprus Association and University of Nicosia participated in the event.


Implementation of ERP projects and business process management consultancy for companies.


As part of the Cypriot Civil Society Mapping and Capacity Building Project, MCMED and NGO-Support Centre organized a 'Project Planning and Management' training.

Project Management

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