The Management Centre (MC-Med) is continuing its work in the area of building the economic and social capacity of local women through innovative social activities that focus on establishing a Knit Art Women’s Cooperative. The project includes Knit Art workshops where women are taught to knit creative and innovative designs and products that can be marketed and sold as part of the Cooperative. A big majority of the participants of Dipkarpaz village are homemakers and this project aims at providing them with the necessary skills and foundation to create and sell innovative and good quality handcrafts and thus earn an income of their own. Knit Art in Karpasia is a continuation of our successful previous project Knit Art Villages. The Knit Art in Karpasia project is implemented by the Management Centre and funded by the European Union and Supported by the UNDP Partnership for the Future programme under the small grants for Karpasia/Karpaz Region.

A group of students from University of Manchester, School of Environment and Development have visited us here at the Management Centre led by their Professors Chris Rees and Paul Barry. Over 45 students have had the chance to benefit from the Centre’s project development and management expertise. Students were given presentations by our Founding Director Bulent Kanol and the Project Coordinator for Civil Society and Reconciliation Melis Eroglu, on the recent history and current situation on the island, the role we as the Management Centre play in this current situation, the history of the organisation and it’s projects and the current projects running under the Civil Society and Reconciliation programme. We had a great time sharing our experiences and receiving their questions with the students of University of Manchester. We thank them for their visit and wish them good luck in their future careers as active Civil Society Organisation members.

Meet The Woman of Karpasia/Karpaz! Bringing together about 70 women from different villages in Karpasia/Karpaz, the Management Centre's and Cancer Patients Help Association's handicrafts projects are creating a unique momentum in the region for women’s socio-economic empowerment. The trainings aim to provide local women with employability-skills, specific knowledge and tools to enter the job market and develop Karpasia/Karpaz branded products linked to the Cypriot handicrafts tradition. These are two of the 11 projects funded by the European Union and supported by UNDP under the call for proposals "Green is Beautiful - Small grants for Karpasia/Karpaz".