Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

We all want to eat healthy and nutritious food but often this want is restricted by a tight budget. Healthy food is quite expensive and being an international student, it becomes harder to spend much on eating expensive food. Here are some of the tips that can help in eating healthy and nutritious food within a limited budget.

1- Organize the Meals

Eating within a budget to save money requires planning. It is very important to plan the meals and keeping eye on how much you are spending on what is essential. Planning for your meals each week allows you to be more specific in what to eat so that you don’t end up wasting your food.

2- Sticking to the Plan

Planning is useful when it is implemented and followed strictly. Therefore, it is important to stick to your planned meals when going out for grocery. It is natural and often happens that we buy grocery that we did not plan that creates a problem not only when we are eating but disturbs the budget too. Try not to fill your basket with processed and unhealthy foods. Always try to look for things on the top shelves. The expensive items are always placed at eye level. Be sure that you can compare the prices because most often the same things are available at some discounted prices.

3- Avoid Restaurants

Cooking at home is always better than eating outside. If you are habitual of eating outside, try to adopt the taste of homemade food. It is always healthy and can be eaten twice. It can also give you the benefit to cooking for a week together rather than cooking every day or going out every time. Also, to avoid junk and unhealthy food to be fit and active.

4- Watch on Sales and Stock Up

One of the most effective ways to eat healthy in a tight budget is to be alert of grocery sales. Almost all good supermarkets offer these sales. The prices can be substantially cheaper than normal superstores. Grab the offer and buy in bulk. Store the whole food and avoid processed food.

Lastly, find replacements for protein decencies; try buying cheaper cuts of meats and use milk in your daily diet. Try to eat seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables and avoid store products. Appreciate less expensive food and increase the use of eggs, beans, seeds, and whole grains. And Always remember especially Boys who do not have time to cook Salad is your best Friend (tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, Onion) This beautiful dish will only cost you 2 T.L