Big Data and Analytics Impact on Business

Nowadays many resources generates huge chunks of data in a matter of seconds moreover, As technology increases a new ways to collect, sort, analyze data emerge.

So what is exactly big data?

Big data is a combination of Traditional and streamed data gathered from inside and outside your company. The main purpose of this data is to provide a solid decisions based on well-performed analytics. Shortly, these data help business owners and decision makers to study the market and customers which will help them to gain more customers and grow their business.

How Big Data Change Business Around Us:

1- The Growth of Customer Analysis:

By understanding customer behavior the business will thrive. Big data is one of the key elements of the process providing information, trends, forecasting demands and customer preferences all of these data help business owners and decision makers to make sure that the best products are available to all customers furthermore, with the right well-performed analysis they can create new products with the insights provided from analyzed data. In 2018, we will see more business and e-commerce companies evolving their market strategies, advertising and improving their business process not only to satisfy customer needs but also create new one.

2- Customer Care:

Unhappy customers from poor customer service and care will create a huge crucial problem for any business that's why one of vital elements is to focus on customer service and what actually they want. Big data insights can provide all the necessary information including metrics that show customers engagement. Today the need to track customer service experiences represents a huge challenge to most of the companies with big data monitoring customers and identifying potential problems before even customer gets involved is one of many changes witnessed by Big data.

3- Not only easy payments but also more secured.

Big data analytics provide unspeakable role in security and easy payments that are made by the customers in an enormous scale as the E-market grows significantly in recent years.

  • Big data integrates different payments in which it's more easier to track in addition detect any type of fraud.

  • The new techniques of Data Analytics provided can discover any kind of fraud in real time moreover, it can assist and offer solutions to different payment problems.

  • Advanced algorithms can also detect money laundry that may appear legitimate.

4- Mobility

Cell-phones had developed and still developing rabidly which make them very reliable when doing almost any transactions, some says that even Persnoal Computers will be obsolete.

Big data can collect, store and analyze data from multiable resources which are very vital to any brand to analyze customer behavior through mobile technology.

5- The world of virtual reality

Big data combined with the modern technology of Virtual Reality (VR) is a new revolutionary way to interact with any customer right at their homes by representing the brand and analyzing everything without even the need of any humans.

Big Data and Data analytics will continue to make a tremendous impacts that will change Business and e-commerce by analyzing consumers and products to make the best of any business.

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