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How to benefit from crisis

We all know crises - whether financial setbacks, separations, or professional failures. Most of the time we try by all means to get out of this state as fast as possible. But what if crises can give you a benefit? At first glance, the word pair does not seem to fit together, but crises can offer amazing opportunities to grow and learn, both in an organizational and a private context. In this blog post, we explain the shift that takes place in times of crisis and give some helpful advice on how to stretch it as far as possible to come out with a benefit.

Increased attention in your organization

In times of crisis, the level of cooperation and creativity in the team rises because there is greater attention of all. The sense of urgency dominates the working atmosphere and most of the times everyone intervenes to solve the problem or achieve the goal. Once the crisis has been overcome, however, the normal work routine is started. Here it is important to use the crisis to take a step towards sustainable performance in order to generate committed cooperation on a sustainable basis and to maintain the focus.

Reflecting the crisis

You can only profit from a crisis if you know exactly what went wrong. It is helpful to reflect together with all persons involved and to take stock of what has been learned from it. What new patterns or innovations were triggered by the crisis? Which new ways of working should be continued? Every time you face a challenge, it's an opportunity for improvement. If you internalize this kind of thinking, you can use the energy and creativity that is born during one crisis to strengthen yourself against the next.

Appreciate the challenge

Every difficult time and challenge gives you the opportunity to grow beyond yourself. Without this experience, you wouldn’t go through a learning process and you would keep up having the same level of knowledge in the future. By beginning to use every crisis to reflect on yourself and determine who you might want to be instead, you can become more the person you really want to be. After all, the key to success lays always in relationships with yourself and your fellow human beings. To strengthen up your relationships, for example, you can always ask others for help, learn from solutions others have already found, and be grateful for being given the opportunity to grow.

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