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Best tools against nervousness

We probably all know the moment, shortly before a lecture, when we almost lose our minds and have sweaty hands.

We can encounter nervousness and fear in many situations. For example, when we speak in front of people, when we sit in interviews or when we do things that are really important to us.

In this blog entry, you will learn a few long-term and short-term tools so that you can transform your nervousness into a positive force for yourself.

Be Well Prepared

One of the best remedies against nervousness is good preparation. If you intend to give a lecture, we recommend that you discuss it about three times in advance and have a clear idea of what you are talking about. You can also take the samples to identify and correct mistakes. It is also helpful to know the first and the last sentence exactly during a lecture, this can give you a good basis. Get to know the surroundings. If you have the chance, for example, run your stage once to get a feeling for the situation and lose the fear. Another tool is to record an audio message in the form of self-hypnosis that you can listen to before your performance. There you can tell yourself positive things that will help you to focus. For example, that your value is independent of your performance, that you are grateful for the situation or how you feel after overcoming your anxieties.


The most effective tool against nervousness remains trust in yourself. This must be trained and can only grow through practical experience. Go as often as possible into situations that you are afraid of or that make you nervous. This way you will become more and more confident and gradually learn to feel comfortable in the situations. For example, in an everyday situation like on the bus, you can make yourself speak to a group of people. There is no censorship. If you are authentic yourself and you are sovereign to yourself, you will not have to fight against your nervousness, but can use it positively for yourself. We recommend that you get down to business with fun and ease and gain pleasure from failure because we usually learn the most from our missteps.

How To Stay Relaxed

To stay clear of the mind just before the performance, there are several methods that can help you relax. For example, breathing exercises for emotional balance or the emotional freedom technique (EFT) can be used. The latter is a tapping technique to knock off accumulated energy. It is used by musicians and athletes, for example, and you can find the instructions on YouTube. To relax, it can help to ground yourself beforehand and connect your feet to the ground. Take a few minutes off before you go into your full power. Then it's just: Visualize the end how everything went and enjoy your show. We're sure you can transform your nervousness.

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