Campaigning is becoming more and more important in our business environment as we communicate faster and faster using digital tools. Since we are all exposed to an overflow of information, It is important to stand one's ground in the competition through conspicuousness and presence. But what exactly are campaigns and how can you successfully integrate them into your company? How can you interpret and evaluate campaigns as a consumer?

The following blog entry outlines the big world of campaigns and has some practical tips for you.

Content Marketing

“Campaign" originates from the Latin word campus, which means expedition. A campaign is, therefore, a thematically limited and temporary communication strategy. It is also dramaturgically designed to realize strong, short and pregnant actions. The aim here should always be to arouse the attention and interest of the stakeholders and to change something. Public attention can be generated by cheeky slogans or emotional commercials that are just examples of many different marketing tools.

The Variety of Campaign Types

A campaign is not just a campaign. The range is wide: from online/offline campaigns and image campaigns to advertising campaigns there are no limits. Also, almost everyone can do Campaigning. Whether national NGOs, citizens'; initiatives or private associations play no role. Campaigns are widespread in both the private and public sectors and if you take a look at political actors you will be able to understand the relevance of the knowledge about campaigns.

Successful Campaign Planning and Implementation

How does Campaigning work?

First of all, a problem should be identified which you want to draw attention to. This could be, for example, that too little plastic is recycled, so your own recyclable product should be purchased. Once a guiding idea and a title have been established, analytical and empirical aspects should be weighed up. Is the content relevant to and up-to-date? What about the strategic aspects, does the campaign serve my current corporate success?

Finally, the various measures can be defined to determine how the campaign is to reach the target group, whether poster or spot, etc. Don't forget to always question and control your planning. When everything is summarized, you can publish your campaign. We wish you every success.