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Money Mindset

What's money for you? Since our childhood, we have been confronted with the topic of money and have been influenced by our parents and the social environment regarding our attitude. Often it is a shamefaced area which is rarely spoken about. But why? And what relationship would you like to have with your own finances?

The following blog entry will tell you how to turn your Money Mindset into a fulfilled one with the help of a few basic tips.

The Exchange of Values

Money itself is a construct for exchanging values. For example, somebody gives you a service or a product that gives you a certain value. In return, you give the person money which corresponds to this value. Money is, therefore, a neutral means, to which you yourself attach importance. It can only measure what is already present. In 1971, every dollar at the US Federal Reserve still had an equivalent value of available gold, today this equivalent value no longer exists. This means that money only has a rationally emotional meaning, which the actors themselves determine. So, what value do you yourself attach to this piece of paper?

Deal with your Finances

If you know how you think about money yourself and what value money has in your personal life, you can start to act accordingly. If you want to generate more abundance of money, you should take a close look at what needs to be changed. For example, you can make a plan in your calendar that tells you when to get busy with your finances. On the scheduled dates, you then start to create clarity. How many accounts do you have? What are your income and expenses? Which outstanding invoices still need to be paid? Talk to your bank and if necessary, start making a debt plan. The awareness of your present finances is the basis for a change.

Earn more Money

If you have decided to generate more money, you should keep asking yourself: What do you want more money for? Since money is neutral, it is important to give it a purpose so that it fulfills you. A purpose could be, for example, to undertake a certain journey with your friends. Write down exactly how much more money you would like to earn by when and focus regularly on this goal, and also on your purpose.

Finally, you can ask yourself: What are the possible ways in which more money can flow to me? Be as creative as possible and write down about 30 ideas on how you could earn money. Don't forget that you don't exchange time for money, but that you generate money to have more time. The more money you earn, the more money you can put into circulation and use as a positive force to strengthen yourself and your environment. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for example, invested 4.8 billion dollars last year in helping other people.

With this new mindset we wish you much success in fulfilling your financial wishes.

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