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Why Live in North Cyprus

Often people get to have a lot of concern about coming to a politically divided Island like Cyprus and raise concern about their peace and security. Some may be lucky to receive information from credible sources; while others get some information that is not appealing to the ears but far from the reality and lastly, some others get information from an exaggerated source. Below is a few firsthand information from students’ studyıng in North Cyprus:

International Accredited Degree

With the Transnational Educational partnership of the University of the West of Scotland for example, students can study in North Cyprus and get a recognized UK degree at an affordable price. The University of the West of Scotland is ranked among the Top 3% by Times Higher Education in their 2018 World University Rankings. Find out more about the programmes available here.

Diverse People

In North Cyprus, you cannot be sure of the nationality of the person standing next to you. There is a huge community of foreigners from across the world. Many of them are students, business mogul, expats, tourists etc. Living in North Cyprus exposes an individual to different cultures and language. This, in turn, would help in building interpersonal relationship skills.

Affordable Education

Unlike any other country in the world, North Cyprus has a unique education system run majorly by private individuals who are willing to invest in making Cyprus a haven for education. Most universities pride themselves for their affordability, while a few offer quality of education. Over the years, this has helped international students climb the academic ladder from bachelors to masters to PhD. level.

Low cost of living

North Cyprus is definitely one of the least expensive places to live in the Mediterranean. The economy of North Cyprus has witnessed a rapid growth during the past few years; predominantly thanks to tourism and education industry. Compared to studying in the UK and other developed countries, international students get more value for their money. Electric, water and council tax are relatively inexpensive making your living expenses relatively cheap.

Provides an opportunity to learn a new language

Becoming multilingual has an enormous benefit in the 21st century, ranging from building a connection with people easily and other cognitive benefits. Turkish is the language spoken widely in North Cyprus. By learning Turkish, the chances of picking up the Arabic language are high. This is because Arabic and Turkish share many words in common. Who knows, in a few years you might get an international job requiring either of the languages. The point is, one can never look down on any language. To enroll for a language class, click here.

To conclude, “North Cyprus is a laboratory; the chemicals are the things you have around you. You can choose what you want to do with chemicals. Remember, a laboratory is a place where you experiment. This land gives you an opportunity to experiment until you become successful” (Realise Mwase, A student of North Cyprus).

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