International Students Tips

The feeling of leaving home to a different country can be daunting because there are uncertainties on what to expect. Well, Well, well, reading this post would provide a useful guide for students making plans to study abroad. Here, we provide four points that should be considered.


The point cannot be overemphasized that, when leaving a country to another country finance has to be considered. It is important to plan a budget and get information about accommodation, flight, and daily expenses. In the first few days after arriving, there are tendencies to be frivolous in spending this is because students are in a new environment and often lack enough knowledge on how money works there. As an international student going into a country for the first time, you would be exposed to a lot of new things on the market. This is something you have admired for years on celebrity would be steering into your eyes. Trust us when we say, the shop owners know how to make such products attractive by putting things like “50% discount”, “buy one get one free”. Those who yield themselves to such temptations are likely to become broke in a few days. Hence, be deliberate enough to say "No" to those things. Focus on getting your necessity and this includes the basic things you need to survive the weather and feeding.


Generally, students should know the language of study and the lingua franca of the country they are studying. In the case of North Cyprus, although most of the universities study language is English, the everyday language used in markets and business is Turkish. This does not mean students should attend Turkish lessons before coming but instead, students are expected to get themselves acquainted to the phrases used in greetings and making simple conversation. All this information can be gotten from the internet.


In whatever country you would be studying you can find student groups on the social media, students studying there and those who may have graduated from the university. It is important to try to connect with them to get information for effective preparation. We call such people "Free Consultants" because it costs no charge to ask them for advice. However, it is important to make sure that you do not engage in any financial transaction (for accommodation etc) with the person except a level of trust has been built and this would not be under the university authority. The point here is, be opened to connect with people to get information but don't lose guard.


International students are exposed to new foods, customs, and culture. This is not just from the culture of the country of study but also from the culture of other international students. North Cyprus, for example, has become home to many international students, hence in sharing accommodation, connecting with classmates students are likely to find new culture. To deal with this, simply settle it within that meeting new cultures cannot be avoided and avoid talking down on the new culture.

Knowing these point is important but preparing your mind for them would do a lot more good.