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Masters in Public Administration

Are you fascinated by the challenges experienced by governments and societies worldwide? Well, If you feel an urgency to make a difference in the world then Masters in Public Administration has been designed for you. It’s not enough to have such passion, you would need an MPA degree for you to be equipped with the informed perspective, comprehensive understanding and specialized skills, that would make you an effective leader in solving problems.

Here are a few reasons that make Masters in Public Administration worth pursuing:

Transferable skills:

MPA programme equips a student with the skill set required to address policy issues at the international, regional, national and local level. During the coursework, students would be required to examine policy formulation and implementation at the government and organization level. All these skills are transferable because they can be used at different levels.


One thing is common in the world, it is the existence of enormous challenges which requires innovative policy, organizational skills. As the world continues to remain complex, MPA graduates value has continued to increase for NGOs, government organization, and businesses. The primary objective of Master in Public Administration is on steering, management, and coordination of administrative, political, economic and social actors in the context that requires their actions.

After retirement

Skills gotten during the masters' programme can generate a source of income after retirement. This is done by working as a consultant for different organizations. Masters programmes like and Public Administration are designed to allow graduate become as independent as possible after graduation, such that they could work as an analyst of different companies instead of waiting at home for an official job.


The fact that team works are important in the world does not suppress the need for individuals to learn how to work independently. In order to get an MPA degree, students are expected to conduct an independent research with the assistance of a supervisor. In doing this, they are able to research on a subject that reflects their professional and personal aspiration.

More than MBA Degree

Masters in Business Administration is primarily focused on the private sphere and this limits graduates of MBA to job opportunities available in the private sphere. In the case of MPA degree, it reflects an interaction between the public sphere and private sphere. This means students who graduate from a MPA degree can fit into the private and public sphere which gives them a better advantage. After completing two or three MPA courses, students soon get to realize that the market and politics are strongly interconnected.

This masters programme is among the University of the West of Scotland Master's programme offered in North Cyprus. In North Cyprus, the programme has given students a personalized learning experience because it reflects the needs of students - seeking a qualification suitable to access employment, and for those already pursuing such careers who seek to gain further personal development, and for those wishing to pursue academic or research-orientated careers.

Be sure to contact the international office for information regarding admissions:

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