Why Volunteer?

We live in a dynamic world where we tend to be driven by how to benefit from everything we do. The idea of acquiring wealth and benefitting has pervaded the society and this has made volunteering activities dwindle. What we fail to realize is that there are so many things to achieve through volunteering than they are to lose.

Career Opportunities

The working class generation today are some of the most and socially-aware civic-minded employees. This is because they choose the jobs that align with their values and continue to give out their time, skills and money. Hours spent in volunteering make these employees competitive in the job market. In case you possess skills and in search of a job in a prestigious organization, you might want to consider volunteering for that organization. They may never see the need to employ you until you take a decision to volunteer.

Strengthens Skills

If you have new skills you are trying to develop or possess a skill that is not so strong, then volunteering would be a worthwhile opportunity to take advantage of. Every volunteer opportunity is not supposed or assumed to be a professional event and this creates room for mistakes and improvement to be made. Not only do you make mistakes but also, it gives an opportunity to avoid mistakes from happening again.

In the average work environment, there is so many competition to climb the ladder of promotion, just in case you feel insecure about your abilities, through volunteering, you have a chance to show case your skills, identify your strengthens and areas that need to be improved.

Builds meaningful Network

Every volunteering opportunity has a focus and by becoming a part of it, you have the opportunity to gain expertise in the field, meet people that share a similar passion with you. Volunteering helps you know that you are not the only one that shares a passion. Soon you would see the need to create the relationship with these people. Perhaps, in the future, if you need to start up a company you do not need to run around looking for the right people to form a team. The Corporation for National & Community Service has shown that you strengthen your community and your social network through volunteering.


The impact of volunteering influences your physical and mental health. Helping others do things they cannot do by themselves makes us happier. Humans have been designed to get happier by making someone else’s life a little bit easier. The feeling of happiness and fulfillment from volunteering prevents and relieves some of our most painful struggles. Most volunteer work is physical, whether carrying boxes, standing for extended periods of time, or solving problems for an organization. The traditional jobs today require being on the desk and sitting for a long hour this means we have a sedentary lifestyle. Such lifestyle comes at the risk of having a disease, back pain, obesity and other mental illness. However, when we engage in volunteering, even if the project is not demanding we have the chance to do some body movement.

Repeatedly, studies have shown that improved mental and physical health is one of the important benefits of volunteering.

Impact the society

While you desire to be a member of the Senate or the president of a nation engage in volunteering. To cause a change, you have to do small things. The small things we do is what creates meaningful change in the society.

The Management Centre of the Mediterranean is pleased to create a volunteering community in Cyprus. This summer we would be teaming up with relevant NGOs to create volunteering opportunities for students. Register as a Volunteer Now. (Click Here)