How to Spend Your Summer

Often it is hard for the international students to decide when it comes to how to spend the summer vacations. Some international students plan to spend their vacations with their family and friends back in their country but some international students may just be bored and don’t realize that what they should do and how they should plan a useful summer vacation. Here are some of the things that international students can do to make their summer productive this year.

Learn a Language

Learning a second language is always important as an international student and it is equally beneficent. Summer is an open opportunity to learn a second language and utilize the summer vacations effectively by strengthening your language skills. The language summer schools are not only for international students but the local students can also improve on their second language skills. MC-MED is offering a summer school that provides an opportunity for the international and local students to improve the language skills and turn multilingual in your spring semester. (Click here)

Take up a new Hobby

In our busy schedule, we often neglect hobbies and interests. The whole year students are chasing their assignment deadlines, projects, and exams. So, summer vacations can be a perfect time to take up a hobby and even new hobby that enhances the creativity and innovation abilities among the students. Explore your interests and spend some time on creative activities like gardening, painting and even traveling around North Cyprus, take pictures and make memories because this time will not come back.

Learn to Cook

Being an international student, it is kind of important when living in outside dormitories that a person is able to cook well. Cooking and to cook well can actually help to impress your friends and loved ones. Therefore, this summer can also be utilized to learning to cook and improve your cooking skills. It will not only help you but also learn to cook traditional and some local Turkish foods can be an amazing activity for summer.

Learn to play an Instrument

Music is a universal language and learns to play an instrument can also be great. So, this is the time to explore your hidden talents and try to learn to play an instrument this summer. There are many opportunities for music and melody in North Cyprus. Music can refresh the mind and soul and play an instrument is not something that everybody can do. Therefore, use the summer time to improve your creative skills.


Last but not the least; internships whether paid or unpaid can also be another great opportunity that can make the summer as productive. Experience always matters and going for internships will always be useful in the CVs and later in the professional career. Summer can be a good time to learn practically and improve the professional and interpersonal skills.

Join a Volunteer Activity

Summer vacations can also be a great opportunity to join and/or initiate a volunteer activity. Cleaning a beach, volunteering in an old home and working for the orphans can be really appreciating and commendable. As an international student, volunteering activities can also be a great initiative to present your country in an international community well. So don’t wait just do it. The Management Centre of the Mediterranean is pleased to create a volunteering community in Cyprus. This summer we would be teaming up with relevant NGOs tocreate volunteering opportunities for students.

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