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Masters in Policy Analysis and Global Governance

Usually a MSc. degree is awarded to students who successfully complete a master’s programme in Policy Analysis and Global Governance. This is one of the few masters' programmes that are relevant to today's world. Broadly speaking, the master's programme equips students with the skills to evaluate and investigate how a multiple of state and non – state actors work together to address a global problem. In the present era of global crisis and global governance, the skills of Policy analysts are required to solve climate change, health inequalities human right issues, migration, terrorism and other similar global problems.

Here are a few reasons that make masters in policy analysis worth pursuing:


Policy analysis is generally a new field of study and the students who enroll for masters in Policy Analysis are usually from the background of international relations, history, and political science. There are a lot of graduates from the mentioned discipline, compared with policy analysis graduates there are only a few people with this degree. International Relations, History, And Political Science are interesting fields but most schools in the UK and US have come to realize that an average graduate from these fields does not have a place to fit in the employment market. This is why Policy Analysis has been designed, to give students the skills relevant to a career in the international community.

Transferable skills

Through the coursework, masters’ students of policy analysis are equipped with transferable skill. For example, policy analysis students in UWS Masters programmes in North Cyprus have acquired the skill sets for evaluating the policies of an organization, European Union proposal writing skills, Project cycle management, and policy evaluation skills. Organizations today are on the lookout for people with these skills. Further, these skills allow a graduate to work as a freelancer for a multiple of companies instead of the traditional 8:00 am – 5:00 pm hours in an office.

Relevance in both sectors

Graduates of policy analysis usually find job opportunities in the private and public sector; this could be in the civil service, local government, the justice system, civil society, Nongovernmental organization and social research organization.

After retirement

Skills gotten during the masters' programme can generate a source of income after retirement. This is done by working as a consultant for different organizations. Masters programmes like Policy Analysis are designed to allow graduate become as independent as possible after graduation, such that they could be an analyst of different companies instead of waiting at home for an official job.

This masters programme is among the University of the West of Scotland Master's programme offered in North Cyprus. In North Cyprus, the programme has given students a personalized learning experience because it reflects the needs of students - seeking a qualification suitable to access employment, and for those already pursuing such careers who seek to gain further personal development, and for those wishing to pursue academic or research-orientated careers. Be sure to contact the international office for information regarding admissions:

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