Importance of Turkish Language

Studying in North Cyprus and living in a community with people who speak Turkish Language provides you with an opportunity that you may be unaware of. Although we had an idea of the benefits of Turkish Language, we decided to conduct a research on the benefits of Turkish language with the use of online sources. This is one post that would change your perception of Turkish language.

Turkish is among the top 20 languages spoken in the world. In 2016, there were about 70 million Turkish speakers found in Turkey, Greece, Romanian, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Cyprus.

Language Family

There are a lot of borrowed words in Turkish and other languages also have similar words with Turkish. The reason for this is not far fetched, the Ottoman empire had such an extensive reach over the centuries, there was definitely some influences from Europe in the language and vice versa that has been recognized by Turkish speakers. Another interesting thing to know is, some Hungarian vocabulary is the same with Turkish. For example, Elma in Turkish is Alma in Hungarian which means Apple. Generally, this shows that learning Turkish can create greater chances for learning other european languages.

Job prospects

Turkish language has become part of the requisite for academic positions in Europe and the United States. The growing economy of Turkey is another reason that should get you interested in learning the language. At the moment, Turkey GDP is ranked the 17th largest in the world. Just like China economy blossomed and a lot of people found the need to learn Mandarin in order to fit into China, now is the perfect time to prepare if you want to fit into Turkey in a few years. The point is, you do not have to wait for Turkey to become a stronger economic hub before you get yourself ready.

European Union

In the coming years, Turkey might become a member of the European Union. Already, Turkey has shown its intention to be a part of the European Union. The implication this would have is, Turkish language would be a recognized and international language in Europe.

Who Knows…

The most important reason why you should take advantage of learning Turkish language if you can is that, although we can make plans, however, we can never be too precise of the situation we may find ourselves in. The additional language you have may help you create a meaningful relationship; open you up to more countries etc.

It seems like universities and language schools in the more developed have gotten an idea of these benefits. This is why some schools in America offer Turkish language as one of the majors. The point to think about is if people in other parts of the world are trying to learn Turkish, why don’t you take advantage of learning the language? There are many ways you can learn Turkish language, first by being more receptive to people who speak the language and also by enrolling for a Turkish Class.

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