Imagination vs. Reality

Imagination and reality are the two different elements that shape living and develop the thinking differentiating one individual from another. Imaginations are although internal images of a human being that are not visible to the senses but the reality is something that is not imagined and is really that is visible to senses. However, our life is persuaded in the direction when the reality and imagination are distinguished by a boundary line. Imagination is important than the reality and learning to value imagination can change the life of the people by changing their perspectives of how they see and live life. Here are the few reasons why imagination is more important than reality.

Imagination Creates Reality

It is said that ‘thought become things’ in the same way imagination creates the reality. The reality is all about how we perceive and how we lead it. If an individual cannot imagine and lead to the passions that would provide self-esteem and self-actualization, it is not possible to achieve internal satisfaction. This is one of the reasons that the level of depression is increasing despite having wealth and success.

Albert Einstein asserted:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview for life’s coming attractions.”

Imagination Provokes Passion

In the modern world, everyone is competing to achieve their goals in terms of a good career, happy family and a prosperous life. They want to make a lot of money to fulfill the desires of their loved ones. However, in this struggle people may ignore and forget the actual purpose of their life and rarely lead to their real passions. This is one of the reasons why people despite attaining some level of success are not contented and satisfied. There are so many responsibilities on our shoulders that we actually forget why we were born and what gives us inner satisfaction. Hence, imagination has been created to give us the spirit to actualize what our passions are other than the reality of leading a responsible life. Imagination teaches how to live a life and the reality is all about survival only.

Imagination Inspires Innovation

Most of the influential creations are stimulated by the imagination. Just one idea can lead to the most powerful innovations. Also, imagination motivates the people to convert these ideas into reality. The advancements in the world are dependent on the imaginative ideas and following these intrinsic ideas leads to sustainable development and contentment in life.

Imagination is Magic

We have seen the Wonders of the World, how people created enormous and amazing things from the simple tools at their disposal. Turning a box into a rocket, flying to the moon and all these advancements in this world are all result of a person imagination that turned these ideas into passion and made these imaginations become reality. This is why simple things turn to great innovations like a magic.

Albert Einstein stated:

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you EVERYWHERE.