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Academic Writing

To succeed ın a competitive world like the one we live in today, having academic writing skills has become more than a necessity. Academic writing is often challenging and demanding. However, it develops analytical and cognitive skills of the writer. Critically analyzing through close investigation not being too objective or too subjective, is the art of academic writing. The five tips we would discuss would help you identify aspects to pay attention to when writing.

a. Organization

Organization of ideas and identification of clear objective is fundamental to academic writing. There are many distinctive facts and ideas that the writer has to present in a critical analysis, however, if the presented information is not organized and presented in a logical manner, the efforts may not be worthy.

b. Clarity & Unity

If the arguments are built clearly and the ideas are arranged logically; this will ensure the writer's efforts are in the right direction. The use of emotive language and vague ideas can mislead the reader from the actual objectives of the paper.

c. Consistency

Consistency is most important to be maintained by the academic scholars and it is substantial to academic writing yet researchers commonly make consistency errors. Inconsistency disturbs and distracts the readers, having extremely long sentences, using variation in tenses, an improper flow of thoughts, and the irregularity may annoy the reader and so does the examiner. Therefore, it is always useful to be consistent and specific while presenting an argument.

d. Creativity

Creativity in academic writing is all about letting your imagination run wild. Communicating ideas and argument in the clearest way is always essential for a valuable academic resource. Structuring the personal thoughts and concepts helps the writer to outline the choices and enable the writer to share the experiences which always differentiate the academic papers from one another.

e. Referencing

Referencing is a must in academic writing, we like to describe referencing as the appreciation you give to people you may not meet. When you reference you acknowledge the contribution other scholars have had. İt is important you do not fall into the mistake of thinking all the idea in your article is original. Any article you write would be inspired by the work of others – this is one reason you must reference. Compared to the previous years, today we have websites that have been created to help students do correct referencing. We recommend Google Scholar and Cite For Me as referencing aid.

Academic writing is often done for several reasons and is a source of great knowledge because of being individualistic to the writer. The academic writing requires good writing and communication, with the analytical and critical ability of a writer. However, academic writing polishes the writing skills of an individual and often develops interrogative abilities that create new knowledge and ideas.

The benefit of academic writing is not limited to the university; a grasp of this skill can open more opportunity in for your career in the near future. We advise that students see their assignment and project writing as a kind of training for the real world. Just like any skill is improved by repeated application, the same principle is applicable for writing. The more you engage in writing, the more you strenghten your skills.

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