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From Career to PERSONAL Development

Of course, having an all-expense paid training from your employer is something to desire. However, relying on that as the only source of development is very risky. This tips discussed below would give you a different perspective on your development.

Goodbye to Giving Excuses

Playing the blame game is never going to lead to a successful destination. The truth is, it is always easier to put the blame on your employer, parents, educational qualification to explain your current position. Until you see beyond these excuses and begin to take decisive steps in finding ways to improve yourself, you are likely to remain like that.

Find A Suitable Time

Sometimes work schedule can be very demanding especially when you are dealing with a 9:00 am to 5:00 pm job. Since we have concluded that your development is not an option but a MUST then you should look for ways to include time for personal development in our routine.

Maximize Moments

30 minutes of personal development during lunch hour is better than no development at all. Do away with thinking that it has to be Saturday or summertime before you invest in yourself. By maximizing your transition from one office to another as a marketer, this might be all the time you would have. In case you are faced with terrible traffic when heading going home, this might be the best time for your development. Download audiobooks on your phone or car MP3 player. Investing in yourself this way can revamp your energy for family or the next point of duty.

Be Flexible

Often we limit development to reading and this is very limiting. While reading can help a great deal in expanding your perspective and also improving your vocabulary, personal development is not limited to that. Today, they are various platforms you can subscribe that can provide you with tools for improvement. One of such platform which is often ignored is YouTube. Recently, we discovered PROJECT MANAGEMENT videos on YouTube that provides very important information on managing project. There are a lot of information you can get from the internet with no cost.

Have The Right Perspective On Your Job

To see right, you have to think right. In case you run a demanding job, this might be difficult to accept but you should ENJOY THE WORK. Well, that is the truth, the energy you put into the company you are working for is not a subtraction for you but an addition. If you have to leave the company someday (of course on a good note), no employer would not tell you to sign out the experiences and skills you have gained. Even if all you did was typing memos, your typing skills must have improved. If you attend to people as a receptionist, your interpersonal skills must have improved. And just in case you are a factory worker, the heavy equipment you lift can be seen as a form of exercise and your exposure to that equipment may be useful when you want to start up your business.

Our final thoughts, the best gift you can give to humanity is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!!

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