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Choosing a Masters Programme

After graduation, nine in every ten persons you meet are confused on what to do next. This feeling is not bad, in fact, it is GOOD. It gives a person the opportunity to map out the next phase of life.

Here are some points to take into consideration when deciding on taking a master’s programme:


In most universities, students are expected to write a thesis or work on a project for 3 months (or more). Believe us, when we say this can be very demanding it is not a cliché, especially if you are not interested in the course you are studying. However, for a student who has the passion for the course of study, the demands would be seen as an avenue to grow and improve and not something stressful.


What worked in the 18th century when university education was not common is not what would be attainable in today’s world. The 21st century is very different and is filled with innovations of several kinds. Find out the relevance of the course you intend to study in this present time. To fit into the labor market, it has become imperative that students study a course that meets the need of this time. This why it is advisable students study courses that equips them with skills, not just any skills but transferable skills. The real world needs more than just theories.

Broaden Your Mind

Almost everyone desires to get a scholarship at least to relieve guardians of the financial commitment of paying tuition fees. Another thing is, most students want a more recognized degree that can boost their opportunity in today’s competitive world. It is for these reasons that many students prefer to study abroad and most often the most preferred destination are the U.K, Australia, Canada or USA. There is an assumption that in those countries one can get a job easily and a more recognized degree.

Students need to broaden their mind beyond the UK, USA or Canada to consider other countries. From our experience, to get a more recognized degree you do not have to go to those countries, the same degrees are attainable in other countries at a more affordable price and relatively low cost of living through Transnational Education programme which most many prestigious universities have in other countries outside. The Management Centre is one of the few that has made a U.K master’s degree attainable in North Cyprus through its partnership with the University of the West of Scotland. (Find out more about UWS masters programme, Click here)


You can never go wrong in gathering information. Find out the language spoken in the country you are going to. Read about the culture and history. It is appalling to know that in this age where information can be gotten through the internet, most students do not spend time getting the right information.

Make Contact

Even if you are applying through an educational agent nothing stops you from getting in contact with the International office of the university you are applying for. The amount of firsthand information you can get from the university cannot be weighed with what educational agents tell you. With the competition that exists among universities today, the school management knows well to employ staffs in the international office who are very responsive to emails and inquiries. Also, the student must be warned not to take advantage of the international office replies. Ask your questions constructively and in one email.

Rushing to get a Masters would not give a sense of fulfillment if these points are not considered but can be one of the best decisions you would ever make if you consider these.

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