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Consultancy services are allocated for the organizations that need professional advice and consultancy in the field of management. The choice of the consultants is made according to the subject needed and in line with the needs of the organization. These include the following subjects based on projects:

-Strategical Planning
-ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 22000 Management System Standards
-Preparing Projects and Feasibility Studies
-Business Plan
-Corporate Identity and Communication
-Institutionalism in the Family Corporations

The general consultancy services include the subjects such as recommendation services, permanent consultancy services, and project software intended for EU. In addition to the general consultancy services, the Centre provides Organizational or Departmental (for any department under any organization) services by utilizing the methodologies such as:

-Root Cause Mapping

Hence, root cause mapping studies are also supplied in order to overcome any impediments before a certain vision/objective, as well as capacity measurements for the relevant organization or department are carried out.