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In order to give training in the needed areas, trainers and expert trainers are employed. The training programs are arranged in order to increase the levels of knowledge and skills in the field of management. Seminars, conferences and workshops are organized in order to provide training for the most urgent needs of the workers in civil society, public and private sectors.
These include:

-Theoretical and Computer Based Accounting Certificate Program
-Microsoft Office Applications Certificate Program
-Office Management and Effective Secretariat Certificate Program
-Brand Management and Image in SMEs
-Sales Techniques
-Customer Relations and Communication
-Strategic Marketing
-Technical Language
-Language Courses
-Project Management
-Institutionalism in the Family Corporations
-Project Monitoring and Evaluation
-Team Work
-And other trainings that are open to the public.

We also provide organizational-private trainings that are designed by Our Centre according to the needs of the organizations. For these trainings, which are peculiar to the organization, a report is prepared by our Centre after Training Need Analysis is made.
Apart from vocational trainings, the Centre also provides masters and PhD training services according to the work based learning philosophy, under the professional development program of Middlesex University. The students that are participating in this programme consist of professionals both from public and private sectors.