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Vision & Mission

Our Vision
A pioneering institution providing professional management and sustainable development services at international standards.

Our Mission
- Contributing to the strengthening of Civil Society as a vital force engaged in advocacy, policy making and reconciliation processes
- Supporting civil society organizations through capacity building and project management
- Providing management and institutional development services
- Providing Vocational Training, Work Based Learning and Professional Development for a more effective workforce.
- Supporting economic development by research, analysis and policy recommendations.
- Promoting European and International norms and best-practices.

The Management Centre was founded in November 2001 by the Cyprus Turkish Association of Managers. It was Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization in December 2003 and named as The Management Centre of the Mediterranean.The MC was originally funded by the UNDP in Cyprus. UNDP continues to fund some of the programmes.

The Management Centre has been in operation since December 2001 and it is now a fully resourced support centre. It has a team of highly qualified technical and administrative staff working full-time and also a pool of associate experts of consultants working project basis. Due to the increase in volume of activities, the Centre expanded its physical office space to meet the increasing needs and demands. At the moment the Centre, besides its offices and common room facilities, has training and workshop rooms with 30 people capacity each and meeting rooms for smaller groups fitting 10-12 people. The centre has a computer lab and facilities for participants and members to work independently with PC and internet facilities.

Quality: Meeting the expectations and needs of clients and stakeholders at the right time with the right products and services.
Efficiency: Optimum use of available resources to achieve defined goals.
Creativity: Making a novelty based on skills, learning and experiences.
Cooperation: Working together to achieve a common goal through sharing information, skills, resources and knowledge.
Fairness: To have and/or provide a level ground for all to develop, cooperate, compete and produce effectively.
Harmony: Respectful and peaceful coexistence of different and diverse concerns, interests, and benefits in working towards a common goal.
Transparency: Given the context and boundaries of the legitimate rules, regulations and social norms, to prepare and share easily accessible information with stakeholders.
Effectiveness: To be able to make an impact by contributing and influencing constructive change.
Sustainability: To have an ongoing market and community-driven organization that produces quality and efficient services and has a reliable image in society.
Community Building: To encourage and promote links within and amongst groups for their own development and empowerment.
Communication: Exchange of ideas in a precise and transparent way, with active listening and presence of mind, aiming to create a positive outcome.

Our Quality Policy
MC aims to be the leading organization in supporting private, public and civil society sectors by providing high quality services in consulting, training and research with appropriate terms and prices in order to meet the needs of clients and acknowledges the establishment and sustaining of a quality managment system to guarantee high quality in all processes as its main objective.
- Providing the best quality with the most appropriate terms and prices.
- Obtaining the overall participation of all employees in improvement processes of Quality.
- Improving the quality according to the demands coming from members, clients and stakeholders and sustaining client satisfaction.
- Providing trainings for all employees to develop themselves and give opportunity to increase their efficiency.
- Allocation of organization’s resources in the most efficient and effective way.
- Aiming to do the right work on the every-time basis and aiming to adhere continuous improvement in quality.

MC Functions
The Management Centre is a fully resourced support centre that provides management and development services to organizations in non-profit, private and public sectors. The activities of the Centre are threefold:

Training are conducted by the members of the Association and/or guest trainers depending on the area of interest and expertise. Training programs enrich knowledge and skills in the field of management and development. Workshops, seminars and conferences are organized in order to satisfy the most immediate needs of the civil society, public and business community.

Consulting services are provided to the organizations that are in search of professional advice in the field of management and development. The selection of the consultants are based on the specific field of interest and needs of the organizations.

Research activities determines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the management of civil society, private and public organizations. The result of any research are published and offered for the use of any interested parties. Research are assigned to qualified professionals depending on the area of research and expertise. A library with books, magazines, periodicals and internet facilities covering most areas of management and development are also available for research and study purposes.

Physical Resources
Our Centre has a team of highly qualified technical and administrative staff working full-time. Also a team of associate experts of consultants are working on project basis in MC. Due to the increase in volume of activities; the Centre expanded its physical office space to meet the increasing needs and demands. At the moment the Centre, besides its offices and common room facilities, there are 4 rooms with 30 people capacity, and 2 meeting rooms for smaller groups with 12 people capacity, and 1 computer room with 16 people capacity. The centre also has computer and internet facilities for civil society organizations and members to work independently.

-  1 computer room with 16 people capacity.
- 2 meeting rooms 12 people capacity.
-  4 rooms with 30 people capacity.